Bitmex And Chill Womens Shirt

The dyes we use are of the highest quality and we wash our textiles with Bio Silicon to ensure long-lasting color. Coldwater may be used to wash all of our clothing. Your other clothes may need some time to mix with a deep-colored dye. They must be caressed and cleaned a few times before they are ready to mix.

Time Estimated for Order Processing: 24 – 48 hrs.

When will my order arrive?

One to four days in the metro

4-7 days for the rest of India

Having served our countrymen, women, and children for over a decade, we’ve come up with the right fit for a wide range of body shapes.



Chill Women shirts are made of 100% cotton. With qualities like super combed yarn, bio silicon wash, the fabric of 170-180 GSM, excellent coloring, colorfastness, long-lasting shine, and t-shirts that look like new for a very long time, they are worth every cent you pay.

Luxurious: a luxuriously soft cotton mix that holds its form for a long period of time and is simple to carry in your wallet. The crew neck of this t-shirt is exactly suitable for your neck. All-in-one design that looks great on its own or stacked. Everyone can wear this t-shirt since it’s so adaptable and flattering on all shapes and sizes.


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