Crypto Queen Womens Shirt

  • For formal, casual, and resort wear, women’s shirts are available.
  • Double-ply or Tuxedo style material is used to create the formal Crypto queen women’s shirts. Full sleeves with cuffs and collars are also included in the options.
  • Most women’s shirts don’t have pockets on the chest, or only have one.
  • The waistlines of these garments are tailored to fit women’s curves.
  • Full, sleeveless, cap, three-quarter, and bell sleeves are all options for women’s shirts.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s a little more dressy but still casual enough to wear to the beach or to the poolside this is the shirt for you!


Heavy woollen clothing was a necessity for women of the working class in the past. In humid climates, these garments were too cumbersome and time-consuming to wear. In order to wear a dress that was both practical and fashionable, women began stealing men’s shirts for their own wardrobes. Since these shirts were intended for men, their aesthetic appeal was limited to a simple colour palette and loose fit. It wasn’t until later that they were reworked for women with slim waists and bright hues as well as patterns and prints.


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