Grin Light Low Top Sneakers

This means sneakers cannot tolerate a lot of pressure. On top of that, sharp objects can pierce these soles quite easily. So you can’t even think of walking on a bushy or rocky terrain with sneakers.

On the other hand, shoes are built with polyurethane. And this is a very flexible, sturdy, and durable material. The kind that has the ability to withstand high-pressure impact. And even hard or sharp objects. So feel free to run on rough terrain with shoes. As long as they have tough, durable outsoles.



Sneakers are a type of soft, light and comfortable shoes suitable for sports or other physical exercises. Since these are used for physical exercise, they are also known in a wide variety of names, including trainers, running shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, and sports shoes. Sneakers are also worn as everyday casual wear.

If we look at the basic design of sneakers, the shoe’s upper part is made with cloth or synthetic substitute while the sole is flexible and made with rubber or some other synthetic material. It is these rubber sole that makes the shoe extremely comfortable, even while doing sports or physical activity. The name sneakers actually comes from the squeaky noise these rubber soles produce while walking. Moreover, most people refer to all shoes with rubber soles with sneakers, but this is not correct.


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