Hodl Btc White

Wear casually, usually without tucking it in. The perfect t-shirt will have sleeve ends no higher than mid-bicep and be sure to never wear it with a suit. “There is nothing like the smooth, formal appearance of good quality two-fold poplin cotton for an everyday work shirt,”. “Textures such as twills, oxfords, and herringbones are perfect for a more casual shirt giving interest without a tie, but for that immaculate, clean, no-nonsense business look, a plain white or palest blue gleaming-with-quality poplin shirt and tie cannot be beaten.”

Look for a breathable poplin weave for stuffy days handcuffed to your inbox, and choose between a pointed or cutaway collar, depending on how much you want people to notice your tie. Some retailers will offer stretchy and anti-wrinkle fabrics, too. Light blues and pinks are solid team members but for its versatility, a white button up shirt will go home with the employee of the month award.



It wasn’t so long ago that the Hodl-btc-white was a style crime reserved for delivery drivers, bible salesmen, and scary men in nightclubs with pupils the size of coffee cups. Fortunately, designers have reclaimed the basic t-shirt style for its versatility and warm-weather practicality.

In recent years, the perfect Hodl-btc-white has become a vehicle for broader summer trends, from tropical prints and geometric patterns to pastel colors and vertical stripes. Whatever your preferred mode of turning heads, a basic hodl-btc-white works with most summer legwear from shorts and chinos to lighter denim and linen trousers.


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