Neo Light Low Top Sneakers

First, you must understand that trainers are meant to provide lateral support for dynamic, multidirectional movements. For this reason, trainers visually flatter and sturdier than sneakers.
Second, trainers must also provide stability for dynamic and weighted movements. That’s why trainers are also wider than their running counterparts.
On the other hand, running sneakers typically have a lot of cushioning to absorb the impact of your feet hitting the ground. Generally, if a shoe has a lot of height, especially in the heels area, it’s because they have extra padding for running.



Sneaker is a term that has become very common among people these days as they use it for sports shoes as if it is a synonym for them. People refer to all sorts of shoes with rubber soles as sneakers though it is not correct. The reason why these shoes got their name was because they made very little noise while walking because of their rubber soles. You could sneak up to someone else while wearing these shoes and hence the name. Today there is a huge variety of sneakers available in the market and you can have one for use in the gymnasium while there are also sneakers for jogging as well as running. The biggest visual giveaway for differentiating between sneakers and trainers is their overall structure.


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